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Pharmaceutical marketing is a fascinating dynamic field which has gained greater complexity in recent years. Pharmaceutical marketing not only affects the pharmaceutical industry, but also reimbursement process of health care systems. During the two-year course, we will deal with pharmaceutical marketing from the point of view of day-to-day practice, needs, experience and ability to apply the principles to short and long term strategies.


The curriculum covers the A to Z of marketing divided into ten basic sessions.

Section 1 / Marketing in the 21st Century

Definition of marketing

Basic marketing concept

Company’s focus on various markets

Analysis of marketing environment

Special features of pharmaceutical marketing environment

Organisation of marketing - marketing department and relationships to other departments     within the company

Company\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s marketing orientation

Section 2 / Product Marketing

Phases of product life cycle

Marketing strategies of individual phases

Phases of market development

Tools for competitive distinction

Dynamics of competition

Strategy for positioning within a market

Product and product mix

Product portfolio

Product brands

Decision-making on packaging

Section 3/ New Product Development

Management of producer\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s process (from process to strategy)

Management of development process for competitive application

Clinical trials

Production and quality of registration documentation

Registration and other legislative processes

Innovation from the marketing point of view

Development of new products in relation to competition

Section 4 / Marketing Planning

Product marketing plan

SWOT analysis, formulating strategy, objectives, policy, implementation, control

Strategic planning

Company plan, business plan, operating plan

Control and evaluation of marketing activities

Crisis management

Section 5 / Market analysis

Organization market vs consumer market

Purchase process and its participants

Institution market and governmental markets

Selection of target markets

Identification of market segments and their evaluation

Competition and development of competitive strategies

Distribution channels and logistics

Section 6 / Price Strategy and Creation of Price Programmes

Determining and stipulating prices

Price adjustments

Price changes, impacts of competition, impacts of environment

Price regulation


Section 7 / Marketing Communication

Communication process

Effective communication

Communication mix

Coordinating marketing communication

Advertising and PR

Sales support

Development and benefits of direct marketing

Legal aspects of marketing communication

Section 8 / Sales Forces

Building up sales team

Management of sales team

Fundaments of personal selling

Sales ethics

Section 9 / International Marketing

New markets

Methods of entry into new markets

Marketing programmes and plans from international viewpoint

Organisation of international marketing and feedback

International marketing communication

Planning and management of international PR campaign

Price policy from international viewpoint

Section 10 / Innovative Marketing

Definition of innovative marketing process

Market level from point of view of innovative marketing

Innovative marketing from point of view of products

Innovative marketing at marketing mix level

Innovative marketing application


We are very delighted to have completed negotiations with our Czech and international partners and to be able to launch the two-year marketing course in 2008. This is a special educational opportunity, the first of its kind in the Czech Republic of such an integrated form. This will greatly contribute to the educational opportunities for the professional body.

The graduates of this course will learn the complex marketing fundamentals required to manage work in pharmaceutical companies together with a detailed explanation of interactions namely between clinical and marketing departments as well as other departments of the pharmaceutical company. This is an exciting new programme in a specialised area and is pioneering in the Czech Republic.

Course Structure

The European Pharma School\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s basic course is a two-year post-graduate course of pharmaceutical marketing. This course will consist of ten sessions – once every two months from Thursday to Saturday. The topics cover the complex issues in the field and are aimed predominantly at the domestic pharmaceutical market. To join the advanced course, candidates must first complete the basic two-year course.


Each session is a separate unit with an integrated summary related to the given topic.


The basic two-year course will be followed by an advanced pharmaceutical marketing course designed for the graduates of the basic course, or, as the case may be for experienced marketers who pass the entrance test to the advanced course. This advanced course deals with certain selected topics in much greater detail and is focused especially on pharmaceutical marketing from the international point of view. Sessions are given by lecturers from the Czech Republic and abroad. Foreign lectures will be simultaneously interpreted into Czech. Each session is endorsed by professionals who ensure the quality of a given programme.


A diploma will be awarded on completion of the programme (i.e. in attendance at all 10 sessions and pass mark at final examination). Students may complete the individual sessions or the entire course. A certificate of completion will be issued at the end of each session. Should a candidate wish to obtain a diploma for the entire advanced two-year course, they will need to obtain certificates from all sessions within three years of commencement and to pass a final written examination. After successful completion, the candidate will receive a diploma endorsed by all involved.

This course is designed for

those working in marketing/sales departments of pharmaceutical companies,

individuals who wish to obtain a formal training and education in pharmaceutical marketing to support a change of career,

those who require further training in pharmaceutical marketing to support their current position and secure future promotion,

individuals who wish to pursue such a field purely out of interest not necessarily related to their career,

graduates from the Pharmaceutical Medicine course at the 3rd School of Medicine of the Charles University.


Each section:  CZK 45,000

Regular two-year tuition:  CZK 350,000 (a ten-section program)




Three-day session: Thursday through Saturday once every two months (minimum required number of participants is ten).

Total of ten educational sessions during the two-year course.


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