Dear Colleagues,


In the past few years, we have witnessed rapid development in all fields of human activity including the development of pharmaceuticals, their clinical trials, and subsequent market launch. If we look at the entire history of clinical trials of pharmaceuticals, it is surprising how little time has elapsed since our embryonic efforts for regulation of clinical studies, harmonization, and mutual recognition of clinical trial results in Europe, USA, and Japan and since the clear formulation of the ethical procedure principles that are aimed at protecting the interests of clinical trial subjects. The last 25 years have been taken up with a search for the best document which in Europe resulted in the European Clinical Trial Directive.


The quantity and complexity of new information and the lawful obligation to carry out clinical research according to the Directive, brought about the need for detailed education in this area. In the late 1970s, a number of educational centers were therefore created, among which the most unique are the postgraduate courses in pharmaceutical medicine organized by Cardiff University, University of Lyon and the University of Vienna. These courses are designed for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry and are usually of one or two-years duration, and graduates obtain a diploma after passing an exam in pharmaceutical medicine. These postgraduate educational courses are highly thought of and graduates are in a beneficial position when taking up expert and managerial positions within the pharmaceutical industry.


The European Pharma School (EPS) was established with the objective of creating a European educational center to satisfy the following attributes:


 It will be a representative postgraduate educational center covering all fields of pharmaceutical medicine, from molecule to marketplace

 The European Pharma School will be organized on a yearly basis in the manner of other postgraduate education.

 The diploma awarded by the European Pharma School will have European-wide input thanks to the endorsement by Czech as well as foreign institutions.


The notion of establishing an educational center in Prague developed from the long-term successful experience of the organisation of similar educational courses in the past, such as: the pharmaceutical medicine modules organized by the Association for Clinical Trial of Pharmaceuticals (Sdružení pro klinické hodnocení léčiv); the in-house seminars organized by ARCOmed; organisation of a number of seminars and educational events in the field of pharmaceutical marketing; close cooperation with the State Institute for Pharmaceutical Control in drafting the act on pharmaceuticals and its regulations; and long-term and successful cooperation with a number of European institutions, namely Cardiff University.


All such experience and knowledge was of great benefit when drawing up plans for the European Pharma School\'s activities.


One Europe, one education. Our motto clearly expresses the need for a united attitude to clinical trials of pharmaceuticals and to the entire issue of the development, registration, and introduction into market. However, even the best education at national level cannot give its graduates the full overview of international aspects and its certification would not ensure recognition in all member states of the European Union. That is why the EPS emphasises the mingling of national views with the attitude and experience of significant foreign workplaces.


A professional endorsement has been secured from the following institutions:


 Cardiff University/BrAPP Postgraduate Course in Pharmaceutical Medicine, UK

 3rd School of Medicine of the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

 EUCROF, European Association of CROs, Amsterdam, Holland 


In addition to professionals from the aforementioned institutions, specialists in the field of pharmaceutical medicine and pharmaceutical marketing in the Czech Republic will participate in the project. The European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products (EMEA) will also contribute by providing lecturers for some of the educational programmes and by assisting with professional advice in the preparation of the programme.


Our objective in establishing the European Pharma School is to provide integrated education certified by significant Czech and foreign institutions to all those that operate in the field of pharmaceutical medicine and pharmaceutical marketing. We hope to receive positive feedback on our educational programme, as no professional growth is achievable without continuous education, dialogue, and feedback.


I look forward to seeing you on some of our programmes.


MUDr. Jiří Skřivánek, MBA

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