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In the current environment of change and increasing challenges in the development and registration of pharmaceuticals, education and training for those involved in clinical research is of paramount importance. The European Pharma School should be congratulated in being forward looking in developing structured courses to fulfil this overall need. The cooperation between the Czech Republic and Cardiff University/BrAPP course is not something new, in fact it goes back as long ago as 10 years. The Czech Republic pioneered the establishment of such an approach to training and education in the region. A link was forged with ourselves at an early stage and has gone from strength to strength and now we have the opportunity of building upon this success. This new venture with renewed cooperation between the European Pharma School and CU/BrAPP faces the region with exciting prospects and the opportunity of new challenges.


Sam Salek

Cardiff University, Wales, UK





As chairman of the European CRO Federation (EUCROF) I greatly welcome the Czech initiative for the foundation of the European Pharma School. EUCROF will within its possibilities assist the European Pharma School as a scientific advisor. Within the complex milieu of International clinical research there is a need for education and training of the participants and investigators, especially in view of the continuously changing regulations, guidelines and laws. International cooperation in training and education programs is definitely a need during the training process of pharmaceutical medicine. International recognised certification from such a training program would lead to mutual recognition of the trainees and their skills. I wish the European Pharma School and their collaborators success for a European scientific future.


Pieter Guelen

EUCROF, Amsterdam, Holand 

SCHOOL, s.r.o.

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Praha 4 - Podolí

tel.: +420 602 781 898


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